Monday, January 19, 2009

Wk 3, Jan 12 - 18 (FAM)

12/365 - Well look who's fed up with P365 already. Sorry, I am that mother.

13/365 - Boston's favorite place to sleep is on Mommy's side of the bed, preferably with Mommy by his side. Here we are taking a break from relaxing by having an afternoon nap. (We decided to quit unpacking for the time being and just relax. The move really drained all of us.)

14/365 - We had dinner at our first Texas BBQ joint tonight - Luling City Market. The was teh place we decided on after reading several blogs and web posting on the topic of Texas BBQ. "There has got to be better," Joe says. The whole experience was just average. We did however, agree that we would open a BBQ joint later in life. We have always said we would create our own sauce, so why not have a rib shack too? The search for the best Texas BBQ is still on.

15/365 - Papa Joe is in Austin now for the next 2 1/2 weeks - just the three of us hanging out. We are spending the mornings visiting childcare centers, Montessori schools, and Preschools.

16/365 - The day Mom and Cambry laughed so hard we both got the hic-ups.

17/365 - Boston Boy in the bath, again. It seems like he spends half his time in the bath lately, trying to releive his constipated bowels. He LOVES the bath! Swimming outside of the baby tub just before he gets out if his favorite.

18/365 - We spent the morning. at the airport behind our house watching the planes land. Later we went to play at the park behind Papa Joe's new restaurant. That night, Cambry came down with her first cold / illness of the winter.

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