Sunday, January 25, 2009


Through my 25 days of photos for this project, I have a new found love of trees. This is a awesome tree I saw today, against the overcast sky.
Confession (another blonde moment): So the pictures I posted before of the new restaurant, they are not actually the new restaurant. Hey, they said the restaurant was on the corner behind the bank, and to think I doubted the contractor when he told me the building I was photographing was Broncos. What would he know. She here is the actual new location. It is just as stunning as the corner previously photographed, but this side is clearly visible from the freeway and is right off the exit. On the web site it reports that some 500,000 vehicles pass by this exit daily. We had a great day today with Papa Joe. This is his only day off during his close to three week stint. He came back to Houston so we didn't get to visit Austin - yet. We also didn't get to go on the much anticipanted 'cue run. ('cue = Texan for BBQ) It was nice to be at home though, and I was able to wash his laundry without a roll of quarters.

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