Monday, January 19, 2009

Wk 1, Jan 1 - 4 Family (FAM)

1/365 - We had dinner at Flemings with the C------s on New Years Day. The kids had a blast even though dinner took an eternity. Tammy and Andy even had their first taste of calamari. "Is this an onion ring? This is delicious," Andy asked.

2/365 - Friday night we went to the new Shucks at Legacy for dinner. It was packed, but the food was not nearly as good as the original. Here is a pix of Boston passing time while we ate. After dinner we dropped the kids off with Grandma Chris and headed out for a night on the town.

3/365 - We had such a great time with our friends Friday night, that we were hard pressed to do much of anything the next day. We did make breakfast for the people who spent the night at our house - french toast burritos, and we ventured out to visit Gina and Kurt at Chris's house.

4/365 - Our lifesaver, Grandma Chris, came over Sunday to look after the children while Joe and I packed, packed... and packed some more. We had dinner that night at Outback with Chris, Matt, and Michael.

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