Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 22 - 24

22/365 (FAM) Sorry for the incorrect direction on the photo. Blogger has been giving me grief when I upload photos lately. I tried everything I could to fix it. If you can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it.
Today I just had to have one picture of each little one. I love sleeping babies! "Drink it up...yeah man that's the good stuff." Cambry loves to take a bath in our huge (really huge) master tub. She had been taking showers at our old house for probably six months now. At the new house, the showers don't really allow me to get her clean without drenching myself (not set up for co-showering either). None-the-less, we are back to baths. She called for me today saying, "Look Mommy, I wrote my name." You can't tell in the picture, but she had letters wrapped 3/4 the way around the tub. "C-A-M-B-R-Y, Cambry," she finished.

23/365 "Missing the Snow" Thanks to Laura's stunning snow scene photo from back home, posted on her blog yesterday, I now totally miss the snow. You will never hear Joe say that, but it's in my blood. Here is a picture of the pine tree out front, all green and lush. I can't help but think something is missing. (P.S. it was 78 degrees here today. Nice I know, but not when you miss the snow.)
"Missing Pap Joe" - (no explanation needed)
24/365 (CME)
This is a photo of my Kombucha Juice bottle. (Thanks for the recommendation Matt!) Kombucha is known for it incredible health benefits. After I took my first sip, I was immediately 'turned off' (read: repulsed). I had to hit the web and get educated to see if this was even going to be worth choking down everyday. Although most people believe Kombucha to be a mushroom (including the Whole Foods dietary expert who directed me to the juice's location in the store), Kombuca is actually a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, fermented with sugar and tea (usually Chinese tea) for 30 days to make the finished Kombucha juice product. (Who, three hours of research put into one lovely sentence for your reading pleasure.) After going back through out the day for a few more sips, the stuff kind of grew on me. It has this strange effervescence to it, although not a carbonated beverage (due to the fermentation I imagine). I decided I needed to be drinking the 95% Kombucha and 5% juice as I could not stomach the raw, 100% product. I loathe beer, which is exactly what the smell reminds me of. However, the less nauseating juice/juice blend actually reminds me of Framboise, Lambic beer - if you have ever had the pleasure. (I am not quite sure why I just told you all that. It's my new adventure I guess, so why not share.)
24/365 (FAM)
Today we went to a Pre-K fair to explore our school options for Cambry. After she woke up this morning, I told her our plan and explained that Cinderella would be there. She had her bath, and then asked me to fix her hair for her. I just combed it and put a barrette in it, not knowing what she was after. "How does it look?" she asked. I of course told her she look beautiful. "Do you think 'Sin-umbrella' will like it?" she continued. When we arrived, Cambry was fascinated with Cinderella. She spent most of her time talking with her, telling a million stories. (Check out the family blog for more photos -

Cambry and Sin-umbrella

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  1. You may miss the snow, but you couldn't possibly miss the below zero temperature!