Monday, January 19, 2009

Wk 2, Jan 5 - 11 (FAM)

5/365 - Monday, January 5th Moving day!

6/365 - Papa Joe and Cambry heading down to the pool at the hotel in Oklahoma City. He told her all day how they would go swimming once we arrived at the hotel. And by they, he meant mom and Cambry. :)

7/365 - Here it is, downtown Houston (the view from my drivers seat anyways). Joe's car is the white one in the right corner. It was a mad rush all over town to get the rent and keys all taken care of. We some how finished it all right on time, to the minute. Sprint to the finish, I always say. We had the BEST dinner at Outback on Westheimer Rd - perfection!

8/365 - Boston and I are sunning ourselves outside while the movers unload the semi. I obviously need the sun! After all my effort tagging and labeling the boxes, I still had to tell the men where each and every box was to go. Somehow, the still didn't end up in the right places. No complaints though, the sun was a whapping 80 degrees that day. We spent the night in a hotel again becuase we didn't have all our utilities turned on yet.

9/365 - Yeah! We are in our new house. "My new house is great!" Cambry says. We dove right in and unpacked the kitchen. We had dinner at this great little Mexican joint down the road - authentic! I had a horchata and something a la plancha - delicious! Cambry loved her cheese taco too!

10/365 - Cambry was thrilled to have some of her toys unpaced today. I work on setting up the game room / family room while Joe continued on with the kitchen.

11/365 - Boston sits in the bumbo for the first time. He is still a bobble baby, but loves to be up where he can see the world to go.

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